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4 Cheap Temporary Fixes for A Leaking Roof | Corey & Corey Guide

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If you have found this topic interesting for reading, chances are probably high that you’re dealing with. Some kind of water damage and looking for temporary fixes for your leaking roof. If the damage is minor, you may not need to hire an expert roofing contractor straightway. Doing minor DIY roof repairs can allow you to save money for the case when you’ll surely need to hire the pros. 

However, never forget these smaller issues always lead to bigger problems down the road if left unchecked. As soon as you spot the issue, make sure to contact a skilled roofer to get the best services of roof repair in Cape Cod right away. Whether the leak is caused by an extensive storm or just wear and tear from over the years, just give a call to Corey & Corey the Roofers. We will guide you through every process whether you’ll be able to make an insurance claim, repair the damage to your roof, or install a new roof.

In the meantime, if you’re in a hurry, here are 4 temporary fixes for a leaky roof you can take benefit from.

  • Polyethylene Plastic Sheets
  • Water Proof Tarps
  • Tar Paper
  • Patching (or Plugging)
  • Polyethylene Plastic Sheets

In case you have any leaky holes on your roof, plastic sheeting is a fairly reliable option (until the time you get an actual roof repair service soon after). Plastic sheets are not only suitable for painting projects but are also useful for covering leaks. Take durable sheets of plastic and attach them to the roof using roofing nails but, likely, wind and rain will still cause the sheets to flap around. 

In this kind of extreme situation, duct tape is a good option to help keep the plastic on, as well as to seal small holes. After there’s one leak, more are guaranteed to occur, so it’s essential to find a roof repair Cape Cod Company to help repair these issues for good.

  • Water Proof Tarps

Similarly, another common option for temporary fixes is a good old’ fashioned waterproof tarp. It is a very reliable temporary fix for a leaking roof. Tarps are more recommended and reliable than plastic sheets and sometimes even more than tar paper. While tarps are durable but the hard part about using tarps is that you have to make sure that they:

  1. Covers the whole area where the leak is coming from or where there is visible damage
  2. Has to be flat beside your roof so that there aren’t any gaps where water can slide through 

As with the plastic sheets, you can nail down the edges or use duct tape to keep secure the roof. So, by the time another storm arrives. It won’t blow away your roof and leave it at the risk of more damage and leaks. Water might run beneath the tarp if it’s not properly even against the roof, but once it’s completely secure. It can provide some of the finest protection from wind, rain, and snow.

Pro tip: If a single tarp isn’t enough or you want to be extra careful, add an extra layer to double the tarps. Somehow if you are founding information helpful, you will also be interested to read about: 7 quick amazing hacks to find and fix any roof leak.

  • Tar Paper

Another effective remedy for roof repair is to use tar paper and plastic roofing cement. As they can provide an additional layer of protection over a leak. For this process, you’ll have to get on the roof to cover the leak from the outside. You can simply use any of these three; a trowel, a caulk gun, or a putty knife. These tools will help you to spread the tar paper on the roof to cover the area of impairment. You can easily find roofing cement at any good hardware store in Cape Cod

Moreover, if you can avail any kind of roofing felt in a short amount of time. You can use it to put on the top. So it can act as an extra layer to protect your home from additional damage. Don’t forget roofing cement will only temporarily fix the roof leak and an actual roof repair will eventually be required.

  • Patching (or Plugging)

Now it’s time for the last but not the least; patching roof leaks using roofing tape is also a possible solution. If you spot the area where the roof leak is coming from inside your attic. Just apply roofing tape to the area as this is a much harmless way to remedy the leak. It is an unmatched option for anyone not delighted to get up on their roof. (Especially if you don’t have someone to assist with holding the ladder). Though, his method will only work if the rain has stopped. Because in case of heavy rain, the adhesive properties of the tape may tear away.

Bonus Tip

Another possibility in line with repairing a roof repair is plugging. Using water and a special powder that is similar to roofing cement. Simply pour it on the top of your roof where the leak is coming from. When the mixture will dry solid; it will stop water from getting into your house. However, just like all the above-mentioned methods, it will also won’t work for a super long time. Ultimately, you’ll need to repeat the process until a professional roofer can come and deal with the issue.

Get the Best Services of Roof Repair Cape Cod

When you have a leaking roof, it can be hard to know what the best options available for roof repairs, especially if you’re low on budget. All the temporary fixes we’ve mentioned above are cheap and efficient for a few days. Though choosing a roofer in Cape Cod can sometimes feel more difficult than the problem itself. So we have made it our goal to bring you the best possible results. 

therefore you’ll not only happy with your newly repaired or installed roof but also with our customer service. For more information about our services, contact us today for a consultation and a quote. Our experts are ready to take care of all your Cape Cod roofing needs so that you will always feel comfortable in your home!

For homeowners living in the area of Haynnis or Mashpee, in need of emergency roof repairs or a new roof make sure to give us a call ASAP. We’re the leading storm damage repair roofing team throughout all the towns on Cape Cod. We are always ready to help restore your home’s uprightness at the drop of a hat!

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