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Roof Remodeling Contract: What To Include In It?

Roofing maintenance and replacement are two of the most critical and popular remodelling projects planned every year by ordinary building owners. Given the nature of the roof, which is to offer the inhabitants of the building protection against the vagaries of nature, the exercise is of prime importance. 

Even so, many consumers are not completely conscious of the variety of roofing facilities provided by Cape Cod remodelling contractors and professionals elsewhere and end up accepting arrangements that do not provide significant terms of service delivery. Relax, we’ve got you covered if you’re contemplating a roofing repair/replacement project and want to recruit a Cape Cod remodelling contractor but don’t know what to put in the final deal. 

Roof Remodeling Contract: What To Look Out For?

1. Add the Warranty

Home remodelling contractors provide workmanship guarantee in Cape Cod and elsewhere that obliges them to perform repair tasks occurring due to poor quality of work. Be sure that the contract sets out the reach and duration of warranties offered by your roofing contractors in straightforward and unambiguous terms. 

Compared to the manufacturer’s insurance, the insurance given by the residential roofing contractor would be for a shorter period, but will help you save time and expense if any problem happens due to poor construction or any other workmanship mistake.

2. Be as Detailed as possible in the Project Description

Your roofing contract must contain project specifications, including descriptions of the materials to be used (brand, type, colour, and price), as well as project start and finish dates. Details on removing the old roof and installing the replacement must also be included in the deal. 

Many builders and experts in Cape Cod remodelling would like to add exclusions such as absolving the firm from prosecution for landscaping losses. Until including them in the deal, address all exclusions with your residential roofing contractor to consider their existence to scope.

3. Upfront Payment terms

The method and duration of payments must be included in the contract. General rule is to pay 10 to 25 percent of the gross contract amount, as a deposit, and the remainder on completion of work (can go up to 50 percent if you use custom materials). 

In addition, if you notice any defects in workmanship, the statute authorises you to keep back 10 percent of the payout for 41 days. Discuss the provision with your residential roofing contractor and, after obtaining their permission, add it in the contract.

4. Inquire Insurance and license details

Owing to on-site collisions, roof renovation and replacement programmes have its fair share of risks and casualties. Be sure that the deal contains information on workmen ‘s remuneration and public liability to prevent consequent lawsuits for reimbursement. 

Don’t forget to provide the licencing documents for your roofer, including the licence number and contact information.

5. Add In A Clause Of Provisions to cover unforeseen circumstances

Unless the roofing contractor faces some unexpected problems in performing their duty, the cost of workmanship is bound to rise steeply. E.g. , whether the wooden portion of your roofing is in tatters or is decaying, the specialist would have to deploy additional manpower to use more material. 

An estimated figure for such unplanned expenses must be included in the deal. In addition, many roofing companies may not want to clean or minimise mould. Discuss them with the service company to draught the specifics if you intend to use these programmes in the final deal.

6. Have an Option to terminate

Specific terms of termination of the deal, including the notice date, the settlement plan and reimbursement for all costs, should be written out in the deal, not by negligence. For eg, most roofing contractors require buyers to pay either a set amount of the contract value, or if they want to terminate the deal, they need coverage for labour and material expenses they incur (whichever is more). Understand these stipulations and ask something before signing on the dotted line that you are not sure regarding.


Signing a contract for roofing repair / replacement is akin to signing every other contract for operation. Like all arrangements, all deals are legally binding, but they never conclude something and explicitly acknowledge both stipulations and conditions prior to signing. 

We appreciate consumer questions at Corey & Corey regarding the quality of work performed and other criteria and have mutually agreeable provisions that specify terms of service delivery. To learn more about our facilities and capabilities, call us at 508-775-8240.


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