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Importance of Roof Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most important parts of any roofing project. This improves airflow in the roof cavity. There are different types of roof vents such as low-profile vents, ridge vents, motorized solar power vents, and soffit vents for our house ventilation system. In Cape Cod, we offer assistance for selecting the right vents and avail our roof vent installation service from highly-skilled roofing experts.

Health Of Your House

The health of your house is directly connected to the attic ventilation. If you do not ventilate your attic properly, the chances of mold growth increase. In winter cold air outside of your house and hot air that is building up in your attic is coming from the heat generated. This creates condensation underneath the roof sheeting and creates necessary conditions providing a favorable ground for mold to grow.

In addition, during summer, the opposite process occurs but the end results are the same. Cool air coming from inside the house and the hot air outside results again in condensation and ultimately that leads to mold growth. Get in touch with us for maintenance of roof ventilation system of your house.

Shingle Warranty

You will not get any warranty from the shingle manufacturers if you do not ventilate your house/attic properly. No ventilation ! no warranty !

Roof Ventilation In Cape Cod by Corey & Corey

Many factors are responsible for achieving proper ventilation. Install soffit vents around the eaves to let air blow inside the attic. Ensure proper air exhaust with a proper balance of roof exhaust vents installed systematically throughout the roof area. Worried about the roof ventilation calculation? Contact our skilled roofing contractors who will guide you about the exhaust vents that will fit according to your roof design. 

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