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Things To Consider Before Selecting Cedar Shingle Siding For A Cape Cod Home

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Unless of the scenario in which your home has a beautiful-looking brick or stone exterior. You might have thought about adding or replacing the siding of the home at some point. When it comes to selecting the right material there are numerous natural and artificial options available in the market. So today we thought about discussing the pro and cons of cedar shingles in comparison to other trendy siding materials.

You might be familiar with this popular natural option cedar shingles becomes even best if installed by the experts’ cedar shingle siding contractors. However, there are also multiple things that you should consider before investing in this material. So let’s dig deep into to pros and cons of the cedar wood shingles.

General Pros and Cons of Cedar Wood Siding

Cedar Wood Siding

Being a natural wood product, cedar has many useful features as well as disadvantages. The following are some of the major considerations involved in choosing cedar siding. But never forget to hire the best siding contractor in Cape Cod for the installation process.

Pros of Cedar Wood Siding

Cedar becomes extremely attractive when stained especially the white cedar, which becomes ever more aesthetically pretty over time. It may be cut into several styles, such as beveled or traditional shingles or shakes. It maintains an everlasting appeal that most other forms of siding find challenging to match. Furthermore, this unmatched visual appeal is complemented by superior sound and thermal insulation.

Cedar is entirely biodegradable, making it an exceptional choice for green homes. It can easily be painted and stained to attain the look you wish for. It is also appropriate for use with nearly every architectural style. Unlike most alternate siding options, cedar is easy to install which makes it an excellent DIY project. When a cedar siding is installed by the best cedar shingle siding contractor and maintained well. It may last as long as 75 years and may be pre-stained to add bonus weatherproofing. 

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Cons of Cedar Wood Siding

When it comes to in contrast with other types of wood siding, cedar is flammable unless specially treated. It demands regular maintenance in the practice of repainting or re-staining every 3-5 years. In spite of higher resistance, cedar is still more likely to get rot, woodpeckers, and pest damage than artificial alternatives. It reacts to iron, making it a piece of big advice to avoid using iron nails when installing. Finally, the cost may be excessive if you are on a budget.

Cedar vs Other Siding Options

While the eventual decision of whether to use cedar siding is an individual one. It will be always helpful to understand how it costs against artificial alternatives. As human-made materials are usually cheaper, yet not as bio-degradable and may have accompanying drawbacks.

Cedar vs Former Wood Types

Background of the old wooden shingles roof

Some extra chemicals in the fibers make cedar more sturdy to termites and other creatures than most other woods. Another benefit over other types of wood is that cedar is one of the fastest-growing trees. This reason makes cedar the fastest renewable material after bamboo. It does not easily twist or swell when visible to moisture. Despite the fact that it is prone to discoloration and mildew.

Cedar Shingle Siding Vs Fiber Cement Siding

Exterior wall thermal insulation and covering by siding, 3d illustration

Fiber cement siding is a mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers hard-pressed to make the look of classic wood planks or shakes. These are usually pre-colored, while they can also be painted after installation. However, the wood grain is more reliable than natural wood. the look is so resembling that it has been accepted to use in the construction of historic restoration projects. Unluckily, fiber cement is only able to replicate painted woods and is not capable to match stained or naturally weathered wood siding. 

This is particularly true compared to white cedar, which attains an attractive silvery patina if left untreated. Budget comparisons place cedar at a much higher total charge, both for materials and maintenance. Fiber cement runs a normal cost of $3 to $4 per square foot, whereas cedar costs $5 to $7. It also involves little maintenance, saving hundreds of bucks over the lifetime cost of cedar. Nothing like cedar, fiber cement is certified naturally fire-resistant and does not require any special treatments.

Cedar Shingle Siding Vs Vinyl Siding

Perhaps the most common choice in artificial siding, vinyl has its disadvantages. Because at the beginning vinyl might seem like a cheaper option but the fact is that the final cost for installation is very similar to cedar. To make it easier for yourself you must read this blog: 5 components that influence the cost of vinyl siding. Somehow vinyl is also prone to cracking and clasping over time, which makes replacement necessary. 

Moreover vinyl also fails to simulate wood sufficiently. This reason makes it simultaneously less eye-catching than other materials and very standardized if used extensively in a neighborhood. In cooler conditions, vinyl may outclass cedar siding and requires only minimal scrubbing to maintain. It is a bit difficult to paint as well, although you have the choice to buy it in a variety of colors. Another benefit is that individual panels can be easily replaced without any panic about removing neighboring panels.

Cedar Shingle Siding Vs Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding

Just the way like vinyl in appearance, aluminum siding is more cost-effective than cedar. Panels generally come in the price range of $1.50 to $2.50 and are available in a diversity of colors. Unlike cedar and other natural wood siding options, aluminum is not likely to get moisture or insect damage. When fastened securely, makes it a good option in areas with wild winds. The primary disadvantages to aluminum are that it dents easily and gives poor insulation against water and heat loss.

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