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Vented Drip Edge Installation

The roof of your house may not have soffit vents or its style may not fit in them, this situation makes you consider investing in a drip edge vent. It is a combo installation that ensures ventilation in the attic as well as serves its main purpose of promoting water shedding at rakes and eaves of a roof.

It is very common for many homeowners to choose between a combination of soffit, gable, and ridge vents or getting vented drip edge installation for their roof. If planning to get these services, then contact us. We are an experienced company having the right tools and expertise to do the job.

What Does Vented Drip Edge Do?

It is conventionally made of a material which is corrosive-resistant. It protrudes backward a few inches (usually three) from the roof edge, bending downward. The slits within the drip edge vent allow the air to flow back and forth through the attic keeping it ventilated properly. The benefit of ventilating air through drip edge vents is that it keeps the moisture content in check and eradicates the chances of mold growth and structural damage.

This is needed to keep your house free from moisture. Hence, if you are searching for effective solutions regarding the vented drip edge problems, then get in touch with us.

From Inspection to Installation - We Do All

Corey & Corey The Roofers is a state-licensed and fully insured company in Cape Cod. Since vented drip edge service is along eaves, we ensure that a calculated installation procedure is undertaken to keep the vents waterproof as well as saved from damage caused by ice dams. Our expert crew will inspect, calculate and then install it for optimal effectiveness.

So, to get your hands on the best services regarding roofs, hire us, and we will do the rest. Our professional contractors will analyze the problems, after that, they will outline the possible solutions to provide the best results and complete satisfaction for our clients. Contact us today to get your roof inspected.

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