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Why DIY Roof Repairs Are Dangerous

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The roof of your home is the first line of defense against Cape Cod’s harsh climate, so it’s evident that the cost of repairing or replacing your roof can be high and can disturb your budget. You can go for DIY roof repairing using a creative mind which will help you save a good chunk of money.

It seems good to use your DIY skills to repair your roof by yourself, but after some time, you will realize that there are some setbacks that DIY will have in your way. Even if the problem that seems simple with the roof is simple, never try to fix it by yourself. We are here to give you the top reasons why you should go for hiring trained professionals.

In this article, we will discuss why DIY roof repairs are dangerous. Let us dive in;

Risk in DIY roof repairs

Safety is very important while doing any repair and installation. When you do it by yourself (DIY), you can put yourself and the people around you in danger by not hiring trained professionals. Corey and Corey follow the job’s precautions to lower workplace accidents when you go for DIY repairing your roof, so the risk of roof damage is relatively high.  

You may also slip and fall from your rood top while carrying up heavy tools and repair materials. Wearing not proper clothes can also put you in danger while working on high ridges. Hiring a professional and trained roofer is the best way to get your job done. 

Time taking and more costs

Becoming a roofing professional takes years of time and practice to accomplish the work. You can not do it by yourself by watching some videos on YouTube. Repairing the roof yourself can lead to multiple attempts to fix roofing problems. You also have to purchase the special tools for roof repairing if you do not have them already. DIY roofing is time-consuming and money-wasting practice. A trained professional can repair it in a much shorter time.

Incorrect installations

Manuals are included with the roofing materials, but it requires experience to apply them properly. By DIY roof repair, you can make mistakes without even knowing that. A trained eye can only identify where is a leak. Installing roof shingles can sustain further damage from rain and other types of bad weather. Roofing is work that professionals do in a better way than anyone else.

Insurance claim denial

When a professional roofer installs your roof, your roof is likely protected by insurance. Disasters and bad weather are not in our control. You call your insurance company when your roof gets damaged. If the insurance company’s team finds that you repaired the roof by yourself, they will most likely deny your insurance claim. Your appeal might also be rejected due to a lack of roofing proof. As a result, you will spend more in the long run. 

Void Product Warranty

A warranty is included with the product’s price, but its provider can deny it when installation is not done properly. A professional roofer with experience will do it to avoid product warranty loss. Most residential and commercial roofing manufacturers count on strong regulations regarding product application. The manufacturer can deny providing the product warranty due to your small mistake. 

No Workmanship Guarantee

You can make any mistake while fixing your roof, like doing more damage to it. Fixing your roof by yourself comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work. If you do not experience fixing roofs, your work may result in poor workmanship and shorter roof life. Even if you watch DIY roof fixing videos, you can master the skill without practice. 

Work Can Be Delayed

To become good at assessing the damage to the roof takes time and experience. A work that a professional roofer can do in 2 to 3 days may result in delays by yourself up to weeks. You should always choose a professional roofer. 

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