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If you have damaged, curled, or mildly damaged shingles, then it’s maybe time to get a competent asphalt roof replacement service. Corey & Corey The Roofers can repair your existing roof or replace it entirely. Our dedicated crew works to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, success and happiness on all asphalt roofing repair.

We stand by CertainTeed brand shingles and are specifically trained in the correct application process. This ensures the best possible outcome and highest durability. We also offer emergency roof repair, because we understand that no one should wait to fix a roof issue. However, you should consider a full roof replacement, because chances are if one part of your roof faltered, others may too. Getting a complete roofing job done by us is the best way to protect your home.

Do You Need Asphalt Shingles Roofing?

There are many indicators that will let you know when it’s time for you to invest in a new roof, specifically an asphalt roof replacement. If you notice that the shingles have become brittle, there are the signs of wear and tear, there’s too much roof damage, there are too many leaks or wet insulation; then it is time to replace the asphalt roof. With a free assessment and proposal from our experienced roofing contractors for asphalt roof. Our crew will help you make an informed decision about whether to invest in repairs or a full roof replacement.

We’ll guide you through the process allowing you to fully consider all your options such as the shingle type, texture and color. Not to mention that with us, you’ll have protection from a lifetime warranty in case anything goes awry. But trust us, once we are through you’ll never need it!

Corey & Corey The Roofers is state licensed and fully insured. We will personally guide you through the necessary licensing and bylaws that have to be maintained during the entirety of the asphalt shingles roofing installation. Rest assured that our crew is efficient, experienced, and skilled in carrying out any size roofing project in Cape Cod. We will protect your property before, during, and after the replacement has taken place, all by your expectations and needs.

So you can rest assured that we put in the effort to maintain safety and still deliver a seamless roof installation. We make it a priority to be quick and efficient so as not to disturb your daily routine. With our outstanding professionalism and skill, you will be glad that you went with Corey & Corey.

You Can Feel The Difference

We have done 1000s of projects for home and business owners in Cape Cod. Move the slider left & right to see the before and after shots of our roof jobs & more.


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