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A cedar roof is one of the most enduring and reliable roofs. If maintained properly and timely, it will easily cross half a century without requiring a complete replacement. This maintenance usually involves patching up, topical treatment, cleaning off the moss, and installing metal shingles. However, like any other roof, it will be prone to damage caused by aging and weather.

But this is only if you don’t take care of it. Cedar shakes are known for being the most durable wooden roof material. If you take care of your cedar shakes, then they will remain resilient and can even raise the value of your property. Not to mention it is a natural insulator, making them cost-effective as well. In Cape Cod, for cedar shake roof installation, you can contact our skilled crew.

Cedar shakes are prone to turning gray due to the effects of the weather. The aging process will also have prominent wear and tear. Despite regular maintenance, there is a possibility that your cedar roof will require replacement after a long time. If you can clearly spot leaks, splits, cracks, the missing piece, and warps; it’s time for you to get your cedar roof repaired.

Naturally, a wooden roof will deteriorate over time, especially if it is not receiving the proper maintenance. But a brand new cedar roof can effectively protect your home for up to 50 years. This is especially true when you will be considering our expertise and top-quality products.

Corey & Corey The Roofers are state-licensed and fully insured. Our roof repairs service in Cape Cod, MA has worked for decades on roofing projects on a small and large scale. We know how to provide you with the best cedar roof replacement and installation. Without hesitation, you can contact us for a free estimate on the cedar roof replacement cost.

It’s not only the product that makes the difference, but also the company and its installation methods too. We’ve been seamlessly installing roofs for 40-plus years now, and we never heard a complaint. During our experience as leading roofing contractors, we have learned that our roofing job withstands the test of time.

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