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Ridge Vents Installation

Roofs on a house or property with an attic will require ridge vents to effectively ventilate the space. These vents either metal or aluminum are located at the top of the roof ridges. These facilitate in keeping proper ventilation while maintaining a safe level of humidity and moisture content in the premises.

Anything below or above the recommended level will surely be damaging to the attic, the roof and the content within. At Corey & Corey, we ensure that in metal roof ridge vent services everything is done in the right manner for satisfactory results.

How Do Ridge Vents Work?

When ridge vents are coupled with gable or continuous soffit vents, they make ventilation cycle same as a chimney window or doors. Standalone, ridge vents are more effective than gable or soffit vents. But if they are combined to be used for the attic, the collective air circulation keeps the space more airy, breezy and properly ventilated. During summer, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air in the attic to escape, reducing the need for air conditioning system. On the other hand, during winter, ventilation combines with good attic insulation, keeps roof surface cold, so that snow doesn’t melt on the roof surface and later freezes to form ice dams.

Being a crucial part of the roofing system of a house, ridge vents installation process should be done properly for achieving maximum functionality. Our experts will take care of the entire process to deliver a fully developed end product. They will ensure that the project is completed in all forms to resolve the problems regarding the ridge vents.

Effective Solutions for Ridge Vent Problems

Corey & Corey “The Roofers” is state licensed and fully insured roofing company On Cape Cod, we are trusted and reliable ridge vent contractors. We always ensure that every layer and procedure of the roof is implemented and installed properly to resolve the ridge vents problems. For ridge vents to work efficiently, a seamless and clean installation is essential. We make sure that you get the best for your house.

Check Out Our Other Quality Services

Check Out Our Other Quality Services

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How well or how poorly various styles of ridge vents minimize heat buildup inside the attic in testing conducted at the University of Illinois.
10 years of wind-blown dust exposure for various styles of ridge vents and measures the impact the dust has on the ridge vent’s airflow performance.
How well a ridge vent designed w/an external baffle uses the wind to its advantage to pull more air out of the attic.
Weather protection capabilities of various styles of ridge vents in tests conducted at Architectural Testing Labs.

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