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Products That We Use

Hiring any contractor/roofer means that you are relying on the choices that he makes of choosing the products that will be used at your house to guarantee the integrity of your roof. Most of the contractors/roofers, unfortunately, like to cut corners in order to save money to increase their profits. One of the most common ways is buying cheaper materials that are not compatible. For example, your roofer uses certain teed landmark shingles to re-roof your house but he uses “cobra” ridge vent which is not compatible with the CertainTeed brand shingles. So now the homeowner thinks that they have good shingles and ridge vent but what they do not know is that they do not have any warranty from the manufacturer on the shingles because using “cobra” ridge vent with CertainTeed shingles automatically voids the manufacturer's warranty on the shingles.

At Corey & Corey, We Work Exclusively With Certainteed Landmark Shingles

We consider them to be the best in the market and when you are doing business with us you are guaranteed to have the manufacturers lifetime warranty on the shingles which means that all the products that we use are either made by CertainTeed or compatible with CertainTeed shingles regardless of how much more expensive they are. We respect our customers and we think that the only way to show it is to use the right products for the job and install those products based on manufacturer's specifications and local building codes.

We Use The Right Products To Secure The Warranty Of The Shingles

Which means that we only use products that are compatible with each other, the best products which come to a higher cost. We only use highest quality products such as CertainTeed landmark shingles, hick’s vented drip edge, air vent shingle vent 2 ridge vent, roof runner roofing paper, and winter guard ice and water shield

At Corey & Corey The Roofers Our Goal Is To Provide The Highest Level Of Customer Satisfaction