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Rubber Roof Installation

Rubber Roof Installation Services Cape Cod, MA


Offering Effective EPDM Rubber Roof Installation

A rubber roof, usually known as an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is very effective for homeowners that are looking to quickly install or replace their roofs. It is an economical option among all roofing systems. Since it is installed in sheets, it greatly reduces the cost of labor and materials. It is also a very energy-efficient option as it helps in retaining the external and internal temperature of the house. If painted with acrylic paints, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the house as well as providing it with sunray deflection.

Rubber roofing is also widely known as an eco-friendly option for those who are more environmentally aware. This is because it's usually made from recycled rubber, and can be recycled again. Furthermore, it does not release pollutants in the air and also saves energy. They are extremely durable. They have less risk of leaking or cracking and they stand up well against any weather. Looking to hire rubber roof contractors Cape Cod? Give us a call at (508-775-8240) for the free estimation.

Benefits of having Rubber Roof

In comparison to traditional roofing, there are a great number of benefits to install a rubber roof on your house, office, addition, etc. It is one of the most budget-friendly options available out there. Not only is it durable but it can easily last more than 50 years. Its low maintenance is another factor which homeowners consider when choosing a roofing system. Since EPDM roofs are installed as a whole, it becomes highly leak-proof. However, if a leak does show up, the rubber roof repairs will be managed inexpensively and instantly.

For this reason, rubber roofs are very popular among commercial buildings. With quick installation, low price, and hardly any maintenance, it is a very attractive option. So, Allow Corey & Corey to educate you on this matter to make a decision.

Professional Rubber Roof Installers

Corey & Corey “The Roofers” is state licensed and fully insured. We work with you closely to give you affordable cost for rubber roof installation. Our products are offered in a wide range to let you choose the best rubber roof which suits your home, requirements, climate and area.

We will work side by side with homeowners to ensure that we deliver a satisfactory end product. We keep our communication lines wide open and answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, we will inform you of any rules, regulations or liabilities. Let Corey & Corey the roofers inspect your roof and consult with you today.

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What People Say?

William K.

East Falmouth, MA

Excellent workers. Always there when they were supposed to be. Very courteous. Did a beautiful cleanup job after everyday work. Extremely neat. No damage to property caused by their ladders, staging or other equipment that I can see. Very nice roofing job.

Tom L.

North Falmouth, MA

The quality of their work was excellent. What a professional job! The guys worked so well as a team. They were so polite and seemed to enjoy working together. We have a big and complicated roof and they did it in sections. I would highly recommend them.

Michael P.

Mashpee, MA

Charlie is a skilled pro who knows his business. He communicated and provided pictures since I was out of state and this was my rental property. Does excellent work at the fair price with great satisfaction. The team paid a lot of attention to every minor detail.


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At Corey and Corey “The Roofers”, our goal is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.