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12 Interesting Facts to Know About Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing has become a good option for all homes excluding those with very flat roof pitches. It is important to note that now shingle-style metal roofing products are indistinguishable from the traditional asphalt shingle roofs. If you are a person who wants to know about the metal roofing, then below are the twelve facts that you need to know:

1-Install It on Existing Roofs

Yes, you heard it right! You can install the metal roofing on the existing roof without tearing off the singles. Remember that the shingle removal is a preferred but tear-off is messy and raises the cost of the job as well. One of the big problems with this installation is trapped water vapor. If it stays trapped between the old roofing and metal roofing, then this leads to rot and mold. But this problem can be removed by installing a vented metal roof. The second option is that you can install new metal roofing over the furring strips (1 x 3s or similar) and it will raise metal to provide a ventilating air pocket between the layers. Remember that you should check local building codes before you are going to install a metal roof directly on the old shingles. 

2-Does Not Attract Lightning

The majority of the people think that it may attract lightning but that’s not true. According to a technical bulletin by Metal Construction Association, it is said that metal roofing does not increase the risk of lightning strikes. Note that if metal roofing will be struck by lightning, then remember that this is less combustible in comparison to conventional roofing materials like wood shakes or shingles. According to the bulletin, metal roofing is an electrical conductor and noncombustible material, this makes it desirable construction available during lightning.

3-Energy-Efficient Option

According to studies, a metal roof will reflect solar radiant heat that will be reducing the cooling cost by 10 to 25 percent. In areas, where the cooling cost is more than the heating cost, they should add a shiny and granular coating on a metal roof to increase the reflective capacity of the roof. You will see a clear difference in energy savings of metal roof vs. asphalt shingles.

4-Cost-Effective Option

The metal roofing will carry warranties in comparison to the best asphalt shingles that last for 30 years. On the other hand, metal roofing will last 50 years or more. According to other statistics, it may last for 40 to 70 years. So, there is very little chance that a homeowner has to install more than one metal roof during his life. Remember that the metal roofing installation cost is more as compared to asphalt roofing but it will save you money in the long run.

5-It’s A Viable Option

In the past, you will see metal roofing on a high-end architect-designed home but now that’s not the case. You will see metal roofing in conventional houses as well. All the credit goes to the better manufacturing process and increased availability. As per the industry statistics, the market share for metal roofing has increased at the rate of 3 percent every year in the past few years. You may be surprised to know that now 15% of all the roofing installation uses metal roofing materials. To get a metal roof installed, you should contact Corey & Corey to hire their expert roofing contractors in Cape Cod. They will properly install the roof using proper tools and advanced techniques to provide you with satisfactory results.

6-It’s Not Noisy

It is a misconception that a metal roof is very noisy during rain and hailing. If the metal roof is installed properly, then there will be no noise issue. Note that the metal roofing is usually installed on a solid substrate. Furthermore, the attic and insulation will provide a sound barrier. The residents will not notice any increased sound levels when a metal roof is properly installed.

7-It is Recyclable

The metal roof lasts longer as discussed above. When you are going to replace the old metal roof, it can be accepted by the metal recycling outlets. On the other hand, the asphalt roofing will go to the landfill.

8-Ridge Vents are Prominent

In most homes, attic ventilation is provided by the continuous ridge vent that runs across the peak of the roof. In the case of a metal roof especially the standing seam roof, the CRV is also a metal, it will stand out further and is more noticeable. These thick lines or ridges are intrinsic in metal roofs and this gives the metal roof a distinctive look.

9-Work on Roofs with Low Slopes

It is believed that there should be a minimum slope for metal roofs. But standing-seam metal roofing will work fine on gently pitched roofs as well. This type of roof is installed in large sheets with seams that are raised and sealed tightly together for water resistance.

10-Professionals Are Needed for Repair

You can get metal roofing through selected retailers and techniques for the installation and repair need special skills. If there is a problem, then it is advised to call the metal roof repair contractors.

11-Rot, Insect Damage, and Fire Resistant

Metal roofing is popular due to its virtually fireproof feature. Furthermore, it is also resistant to insect damage because insects like termites can’t eat metal. You also don’t have to worry about mildew and rot. Metal roofing also conducts heat quickly so snow will slide off faster than conventional roofing.

12-Continuous Hail May Affect Metal Roofing

A metal roof is considered maintenance-free and durable as compared to other forms of roofing. But large hail can cause metal roof damage. If you are living in an area where catastrophic hail can occur, then you should not go for metal roofing. In this case, you should go for aluminum and copper because they will receive dent when hailstones are of golf-ball size. Hailstone dime-sized or pea-sized will not cause a problem but larger hailstone will damage your metal roof.

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