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5 Signs That Means its Time to Replace Your Roof

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Sometimes repairing something isn’t enough, and you have to replace it entirely. The roof is also like this. Your roof continues to shelter you from storms, rain, snow, and heat, but its quality drop. With time it does not remain as effective as before. It is time to replace your old roof with a new roof that will safeguard you and your home in the future. Contact your roofing contractor to replace your roof. Corey & Corey The Roofers are professional roofers that are experts in every kind of Cape Cod roofing service

A home is a place to relax and if you can not find it then what is the purpose of a house? A damaged roof can cause a lot of problems for you and fixing it will require a big cost. You should consider replacing your roof when you notice the 5 following signs. 

Roof Leakage

A leaking roof is the most irritating and frustrating thing that can happen to your roof. Watching the flow of water on a ceiling can put anyone in a bad mood. However, this is not the worst thing that it can do. A leaky roof is bad for your structure. It weakens your house material and produces cracks in walls. If the leakage spread, it can cause some health problems as well. 

If the problems continue to be there even after repair then it is time to say goodbye to the old roof. There are some quick hacks to temporarily fix leaking roofs but do not rely on cheap hacks if the problem is not going away. Do not ignore and avoid this task or it can later lead to a much bigger cost. 

(Clean the gutter and remove any blockage stopping the flow of water)

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Roof Lifespan

Everything on Earth has a life. And after some time it loses its ability to work properly. Roofs are no exception, they also have some life associated with which they effectively protect your house from all-natural events. The life of a roof depends on the type of roof. 

In Cape Cod, usually, the life span of the asphalt roof is 10 to 20 years long. Clay tiles can serve up to 40 years. Metal roofs may work fine for as long as half a century. Different roofs come with different life spans and quality. See how to choose a new roof for your house

Remember the time that you install the roof to your home. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, it’s better to take early prevention and replace the roof. Contact the roofing contractor to inspect if the roof needed to be replaced. 

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Plants Growing on Roof

Plants are essential for our natural ecosystem, but they are problematic if they begin to grow on our roofs. They have the potential to do structural harm to our home. Growing roots might cause cracks in your walls and leaks. As previously stated, leaking is not healthy for your roof. If there aren’t too many plants, you can clip them off; however, additional plants can cause extensive damage and necessitate roof replacement.

Fungi and moss are the most common plants that grow on your roof. A lot of rain might cause these plants to grow on your roof. They are, however, bad news for you. When the amount of greenery on your roof increases, it is best to replace it.

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Missing Tiles

People leaving in Cape Cod may experience heavy storms and hurricanes during their season. This extreme season can cause a lot of problems for your house, especially the roof. Strong wind can cause missing tiles from your roof which may later add problems to it. It can cause leakage and also look bad. 

Residents who live near beaches or the sea may be affected by tornadoes and hurricanes, which can inflict extensive damage to their homes. If not simply the missing tiles, these catastrophic occurrences can blow your roof away. Missing tiles or part of your roof must be immediately replaced with a new roof. 

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Rotted Roof Sheathing

Roof sheathing is an important component of your home’s structure that supports the roof. These materials are either made of wood or plastic and may decay over time. When exposed to water, these sheathings absorb it and get moisturized. This may lead it to begin the rotting process.  It can further cause roof leakage and weird substance growing on your roof. 

It is hard to identify if the shealing is rotted or not bc it is an internal part of your house and not visible to your eye. Professional roofers can identify the rotting sheathing just by observing the condition of the roof. If the house roof is leaking, it might be possible that the roof sheathing is rooted and the roof needs to be replaced.

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