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4 Tips To Properly Fix A Leaky Roof

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Never take a leaking roof lightly, you need to fix a leaky roof at all costs. It’s a serious matter as  seemingly insignificant leaks on the roof will lead to major water damage down the road. Take steps right away to mitigate the damage as soon as you can if you find the roof leaking. More specifically, to thoroughly inspect, find and instal a new leak-proof roof, make sure you deal with a reputable roofing contractor in Cape Cod.

Get Professional Help From Roof Repair Experts

When the roof leaks, the first thing to do is to contact a licenced roofer to add a clean, leak-proof roof. Sadly, you will not always be able to get assistance straight away from home. So, what can you do on your own to avoid a roof leak and mitigate damage? 

Before the roofer is ready to test and put in a new roof, Corey & Corey roofers advise you to follow these measures to fix a leaky roof.

Mitigate Interior Damage

Minimizing the damage is the first thing before taking any steps to manage your leaky roof.

Before sealing the area with your durable sealing, soak up some stagnant water from the floor to prevent holding moisture against the wall. If water is streaming down an internal wall from the leaking roof, you can also add a plastic shield to the wall.

Secure the nearby region correctly and poke a small hole in the roof to release the leak if you see the roof dipping or bulging as if it were full of water. This will hopefully keep the adjacent drywall from being more affected.

The last step is to collect dropping water, put a big bucket or another container under the leak. Be sure that the bottle is covered by clear plastic, and that the place is not left unattended for too long. Even a big bucket will fill up more easily than you would think.

Investigate the Attic

Grab a torch and stroll up if you have access to an attic. Based on where it emerges in the ceiling below, you can trace the leak inside your attic or crawlspace. Bear in mind, though, that the way water flows from a leaked roof can be confusing.

Water would not travel in a linear fashion from a leaked roof. Alternatively, a roof leak normally allows water to flow down from the weakened roof towards the closest joint. The leak would find an escape route from there, where it causes the crack you see in your ceiling. Typically, this exit route is a vulnerable point in the drywall of the roof or the opening for a fixture, such as a pipe or roof lamp.

This makes it impossible to locate the source of a leak in the roof itself, even though you locate that the water seems to penetrate the attic or crawlspace. But this move will also assist you to help determine where the water reaches the house. It also allows you the chance to build another obstacle to save the ceiling from touching the water.

Redirect Leaking Water & Examining From A Distance

Pick an empty plastic jug or large bottle to produce a roof leak funnel. Split the bottle in half such that one end has a large opening as well as the other end has a bottleneck.

Next, pick up the hose. It would need to be large enough just to enter the closest window or escape from the position of the roof leak.

Attach one end of the hose to the bottleneck end of the funnel using duct tape or another solid adhesive. Place the wide end of the funnel over the leak using the same solid adhesive and attach it firmly in place.

Good Step for fixing a leaky roof

Now, through a window or door, you can put the other end of the hose outside, and the water can safely flow out of the building via the funnel.

It’s worth taking a look at the roof from somewhere outside your house after you’ve momentarily reduced the damage to the interior of your building, like the attic or crawlspace.

It can be hard, again, to locate the cause of a leak from the point in the roof where water comes in. Analysing the roof itself will allow you to put the dots together. From close up, you might be able to see possible concerns, or you may need to stand back and look at the entire roof.

Check for the Causes Of A Roof Leak

If you feel relaxed and secure doing so, to check the area to locate the source of the roof leak, the next move is to go to the roof. 

It’s safer to handle a leaking roof from the ground floor if you have a very high-up or steeply-sloped roof and wait before professional support arrives. However, you can prefer to examine the condition yourself if your roof is comparatively low to the ground and you have the appropriate equipment to follow roof safety protocols. Contact Corey & Corey to find out what they are.

Call Professional Help Today!

To fix a leaky roof, you have to call a professional roofing company like Corey & Corey. Our experts will analyze your roof thoroughly and provide effective solutions for your roofing problems. Do you want to know more about our services? Send us your queries in the comments section, or you can call us at 508-775-8240.


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