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8 Best Siding Choices for a Cape Cod Style Home

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  • 8 Best Siding Choices for a Cape Cod Style Home

When the aim is to make your home exterior strong and have an amazing appeal to impress. You must consider remodeling the sidings of your home. Somehow, there are numerous factors to consider before starting the process which include the types of siding, its materials, and colors.

However, things are easier to say than actually doing them. With various options available to select from. Selecting the right type of siding can be hard. So as the best siding and roofing contractor in Mashpee. We’ve broken down some of the best sidings materials you can get for your home with pros & cons for each. By the end of this article. You’ll be able to select the best types of siding for your Cape Cod home according to your needs. We have brought you the pros and cons of the best 8 siding materials every resident in Cape Cod can consider. 

  • Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an extremely popular choice for homes for a couple of reasons. Although everyone is aware of vinyl siding. Because of this, it makes vinyl a safe choice for homeowners because they are already aware of the product. Moreover, it is relatively one of the most in-expensive types of siding, which makes it economical for the majority of homeowners.

Somehow, it is not as durable as some of the other types of siding options available on the market. However, it comes with an exclusive range of colors, which is another reason people are attracted to it. All in all, vinyl siding can get the job done, but it is more expected to get damaged by storms, baseballs, and other flying objects in the sky. If you are looking to consider vinyl siding for your home, you must see our guide: 5 components that influence the cost of vinyl siding.

Pros: Affordable and Have Various Variety

Cons: Not the best when it comes to durability

2. Insulated Vinyl Siding

Next on the list, we have the insulated vinyl. The question will surely rise what makes it different from the normal vinyl. The simplest difference is that the insulation is manufactured right into the ridge of the panel. Setting up the insulation this way helps in insulating the home better. In general, it helps to secure the temperature of homes which helps you save money. Moreover, it also makes it more durable, meaning you will not need to look for any siding and roofing contractor in Mashpee for a while. Vinyl siding is an upgraded version of regular vinyl and similarly, it also contains a large number of color options as well.

Pros: Better-quality home insulation and durability, with the same variety of customary vinyl

Cons: Somehow, still not as durable as other siding options on the list.

3. LP Smart Siding

LP Smart Side is another amazing siding material that is specially engineered with extremely durable hardwood. It’s so durable and robust that the manufacturing of this siding allows it to last more than 50 years. The siding companies in Mashpee usually provide a lifetime warranty with its installation. It means that the extra money you invested to install this type of siding will be worth it in the long run. Even if you have no plans for staying there for years to come, LP Smart Side can still bring up your home’s value.

You can also put paint on this type of siding if you ever get tired of the color. Or looking for something new to update your home looks, or to follow the new color trend of your locality. When it comes to color choice, the sky is the limit. You can have all types of custom hues on your home with LP Smart Side siding.

Pros: Extremely durable & can be repainted.

Cons: More expensive than the typical homeowner is looking to pay.

4. Composite Siding

Composite Siding is not the last and neither the least. It is made by the mingling of crushed rock with polymers and resins. You might be struggling to find robust and durable siding. Siding and roofing contractors in Mashpee are so confident about this product, they offer a warranty for as long as you stay in the home. Somehow the colors options available are a little more limited but they do have a nice range of slap options. This makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your house. 

Pros: One of the sturdiest kinds of siding available, comes with a ‘length of ownership’ warranty.

Cons: Restricted color options and bit a costly as well

5. Natural Wood Siding

If you are in love with the shade of natural wood. Many other siding materials attempt to restore and gain the true look of wood. However only natural wood shingles can provide you with the most aesthetic look. Natural wood is usually the choice of many homeowners in Cape Cod. Its natural texture and restrained appeal can’t be matched by many who choose alternative materials. Somehow when it comes to installation of natural wood siding it can be a costly exertion. But still, they are worth it in the end. Wood siding comes with the benefits of easily repainting your property to change its exterior look. 

Natural wood siding is a bit tough to maintain and keep in good shape. Apart from cedar shakes, it is suggested re-paint or re-stain your wood shingles every 6-8 years according to their condition. Similarly, bugs like termites can penetrate your wood siding, so it’s always a good idea to watch for holes or signs. Luckily, those repairs can easily be taken care of. It’s good for homeowners to regularly check for the uprightness of their wood siding. So in case you have to consider wood siding for your home siding, you must review this amazing guide; a brief guide about wood siding repair.

Pros:  Someone can easily upgrade the look with paint or stain. It’s DIY to repair and is eco-friendly.

Cons: It is a bit expensive and its maintenance is fairly costly.

6. Manufactured Wood Siding

Just like we mentioned above there are some other wood sidings that include cedar shakes, manufactured wood, and board & batten. Cedarwood siding can last up to 100 years and ages gradually. It is probably the most maintenance-free of them all. Whereas board & batten can give your home’s exterior a beautiful aesthetic look. Which is usually hard to get by using basic shingles. 

When it comes to manufactured wood siding it is just what it sounds like. It is artificially manufactured with a blend of materials to attain the natural look of wood. Manufactured wood siding is usually preferred by the average homeowners because it is relevantly less in cost compared to natural wood. Just keep in mind to keep moisture away from the behind of the siding as it can easily cause mold and mildew.

Pros: Give the exact aesthetics of natural wood at a fraction of the cost.

Cons: Moisture is its confirmed enemy that can cause mold & mildew if moisture is trapped behind it.

7. Metal Siding

According to the best metal siding and roofing contractors in Mashpee. Both of these have been on the rise and becoming more and more trendy in the residential homes of Cape Cod. Despite its expensive upfront cost, the life and durability of metal siding are worth the price. Metal siding is best for homeowners looking for maintainable products. Because even if their siding is supplanted, the already used material is entirely recyclable. Whereas the other siding materials might end up in landfills for decades upon decades.

Metal siding is obviously unaffected by bugs, mold, and fire due to its extreme durability. It can be susceptible to rust and dents. The good news is that you will need to worry about termites or any irritating rodents chewing through your siding. Additionally, metal siding can be manufactured to reproduce any other categories of siding with the added benefit of durability and longevity.

Pros: Little maintenance, extreme resistance to bugs and fire, and environmentally friendly.

Cons: Likely to get rusted in wet or coastal climates. Lighter metals, like aluminum, are always on verge of getting dents or damage.

8. Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is another first-class and recommended material for siding. That can look and act like any other siding material like vinyl, cement, and wood but with extra durability. Fiber cement siding is specially manufactured to counter the elements which allows you to keep your home safe and secure without sacrificing appearance.

Both Vinyl siding and fiber cement have a similar look to the natural wood and come in a variety of colors, hues, and textures. However, the genuine look you can get with fiber cement gives you more ROI on your home.

Pros: Versatile design, durable, and very long-lasting. Some siding companies in Mashpee offer anywhere around 35-50-year warranty on fiber cement siding.

Cons: More expensive, high maintenance, and low R-value.

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