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7 Exclusive Features Of A Certified Roofing Company: 5th Is Amazing

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  • 7 Exclusive Features Of A Certified Roofing Company: 5th Is Amazing

Your home is surely the most significant asset that you own. The reason isn’t its worth but the sentimental value and protection, it offers to you and your family.

Nevertheless, most buyers look at the kitchen, the Bedrooms, and the layout when purchasing a home. People rarely consider the roof as an essential element. Furthermore, it is the shelter that protects not only their family but also provides beauty to their homes.

The roof is easily your home’s most important architectural component, so it’s in your best interest to hire trustworthy, certified roofing specialists like Corey & Corey when you need work done.

Getting your desired roofing contractor in Cape Cod under a budget is an overwhelming task but doable. Only if you use manufacturer certifications as the primary search criteria to make your job easy.

If the roof is left without proper attention and maintenance. It can lead to leakages, rust, and architectural issues, which are never fun to deal with. These issues can get worse quickly and lead to more significant structural problems in just a short period.

There are several roofing companies in Barnstable, and it can be challenging to spot certified ones. Certified roofing contractors are qualified experts. They go through professional training to learn what they know and do.

You mustn’t hire just any roofing contractor, but a certified team: A team has experienced manufacturer coaching and certification. If you are confused about what is a certified roofing company, the next few points will help you understand.

1.   Labor and Manufacture Warranty

Everybody usually regulates certified roofing contractors. Apart from that, their assistance will always come with a warranty. Easy to ask for more knowledge concerning the terms and requirements of the warranty.

There are two types of warranties in most residential roofing cases, a labor warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty. A labor warranty is required by law for every roofing contractor. In most states, the labor warranty covers every installation defect. Everything that may cause any issue later.

As long as you are using a reliable contractor with an established warranty outline. You should be covered if any quality issues arise. The manufacturer’s warranty is the part of the roof that is not fully understood by the majority of homeowners.

Manufacturers’ warranties cover the actual roofing material and its ability to satisfy its purpose of giving you the guaranteed usability.

2. Professionalism 

Professional roofing contractors will always prioritize getting certifications while the rest avoid them. It’s not unexpected that certified contractors are ready to invest in their occupation. They want to serve their customers better by doing it legally.

The manufacturers of trustworthy roofing companies organize many of these certification programs. Therefore, they discipline the contractors on how to install their roofing materials properly without causing an accident.

Non-certified roofing contractors lack the patience and devotion to finish any type of program that requires time and investment. Before getting certified, contractors must install some roofs.

Having a valid certification means that top roofing contractors and confidence in that particular company.

Having a certification compulsory for roofers, and it’s a sign that they maintain industry standards. Any certified company like Corey & Corey will be able to share a copy of their certification with you if they are proud of their skills and experience.

If that’s not the case and they fail to present a document. It is a major sign that must not be overlooked.

3. Good Work Quality

It’s not easy to become a certified roofer. A certified roofer permits factory certification after complying with specific requirements and completing inclusive factory training. In most cases, companies are certified by leading roofing manufacturers GAF and CertainTeed.

This means every certified contractor you work with will exceed your expectations. Highly skilled and reliable workers is another quality a certified roofing contractor offers.

They have a team that can complete a roofing job within the measured time frame. And will always make sure to clean up afterward.

  1. Justifiable Cost

It’s not an unexpected thing that every contactor has its pricing chart because prices vary from contractor to contractor. The price difference leaves clients wondering whether to go with a particular contractor or not. The price may vary due to the quality of materials used.

Most certified roofing contractors may stick to industry standards. While non-certified roofing contractors can go out of their way to buy cheaper supplies. They may offer you a more affordable quote for the material and installation cost.

Some will even go to the extent of ripping unsuspecting customers off. Such contractors are most likely to deliver cheap service at the end of the day. This will always be a disadvantage to you in the long run. The fact is that most of them are after customer insurance coverage.

The benefit of choosing the most trustworthy roofing contractors is a free inspection to homeowners. It’s your right to enjoy this whole process with the best service once you hire a certified roofer.

  1. Work-oriented Professionals

Non-certified contractors are most likely to cut edges when they carry out an installation or repair project. But it should never be neglected as it’s the essential part of the roofing. The best example is flashing, which is likely to be found at various parts of the roof.

Now the whole process is based on the roofing materials coming in contact with different materials or a wall. Certified roofing contractors will always guarantee that such details are treated professionally.

The certified roofing contractors are aware that many clients rarely understand technical issues. They make it their priority to share every single tech detail with homeowners to ensure them. Additionally, they will always try their best to describe major things more simply. What you can do in return is that you should always be upfront about your demands and expectations.

  1. Experience

A certified roofing company would have before installed a specified number of a distinct type of roofing material.

Certified roofing contractors will simply know the accurate place to explore problems. They will never waste time beating around the bushes. As because of their diverse experience, they know exactly what to do and how to handle a project professionally.

Although it’s exceptional to choose contractors with good experience. You should always confirm if they can handle your desired roofing project or not. A certified roofing company will always be upfront about it and will never sign for a project they can’t manage.

Because to them, their reputation is essential no matter their wealth or experience. They will always confirm that they satisfy their customers. They will happily share their past work experiences with you.

7. Fast Completion

A certified roofing company completes a project in the desired timeline. A client is most likely to be satisfied with work done by a certified company than a non-certified one. The time frame plays an important role in it.

The accredited roofing companies got loads of knowledge and have experienced team members. Completing a project in a specific time frame is not a big deal. It’s always doable. On the other hand, a non-certified contractor will always give you a specific date. They will start pushing it by demanding more time to close the project.


Having a certified roofing company is essential for various reasons. For one, a concrete roof protects you and your family and your valuables from disturbing weather situations and burglary.

A right awning can also increase the value of your home and boost its performance. So, it is in your best interest to use a certified roofing company.

Your roof plays an essential role in your household and assets, which is why you should never settle on anyone but professionals like Corey & Corey to install, repair, or replace it. Give us a call at 508-775-8240 to get a free estimate.

If you were wondering what is a certified roofing company? Fortunately, now you are sure about the characteristics of a good roofing company. Any certified roofing company will be more than happy to confer you with their factory certification. The reason is, that these certifications reflect as a “badge of honor” in the industry.

If they say they are certified, you should always double-check and ask who the certification is through. Go to that particular roofing manufacturer’s website, and search for the company. Any legitimate roofing contractor with a manufacturer’s certificate will allow you to confirm if they truly are. You can do it by calling their previous clients or even by reading reviews on their official website.

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