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There cannot be a better way to improve the look of your home’s curb than to remodel the exterior with an exclusively new siding. However, you should know where to start. If you have made up your mind to invest in such a project, the first thing to do is make a plan. Planning to do your home siding remodeling is a big investment of both time and money. You’ll probably want the outcome to be worth the investment, so plan wisely. As leading siding contractors in Cape Cod. We have figured out some useful methods that will help you in planning a siding project.

Follow the steps outlined below to get started on your exterior siding project.

1. Look for Inspiration

Having inspiration or a dream design will always be helpful. Eventually, it will become easy for you to figure out what styles are most attractive to you as a homeowner. If you’re not getting ideas about where to start, go for a survey around your neighborhood. When you see a house similar to your house’s inner designer, simply take some photos. When you get home, look through the pictures you captured, and figure out what you like most about these different styles. You can also take suggestions from your family members some will be a fan of a classic clapboard. Some might prefer the look of plank siding.

Check out different styles of siding on websites like Pinterest, or in-home design magazines. You can also go for your favorite color. Also, keep in mind that your home exterior design should match well with the overall style of the neighborhood. Do you want to stand out like a sore thumb, or fade gradually into the background? Normally homeowners prefer a happy medium between these 2 available options.

2. Write up a Budget

A Home Re-Siding Project majorly goes along your expanding horizons. This step revolves around knowing the budget you can feasibly afford. Decide, which must additions you want are, and what you can skip, at least for now. Once you’ve makes a plan for the project itself, ask yourself if you have the required budget. If you have money to pay upfront, you would probably know how much money you have on hand. 

In case you are planning to borrow funds to finance your home exterior improvement. Make sure how much a loan you can easily pay back with your monthly expenses. You’ll also need to select the right type of loan that goes best with the requirement of your project. It can either be a home equity loan, a home, a cash-out refinance, or an equity line of credit loan. Once you got the difference between what you require and what you can easily afford. After that, you can be setting your priorities and write a budget. Later, you can consult with your siding contractors in Cape Cod to figure out how to reduce costs. 

3. Choose a Siding Material

A home siding remodeling project depends on choosing the right material. You have a variety of options available in Cape Cod, from natural materials like wood to manmade materials like vinyl & fiber cement. As you go through the pros and cons of each, think about more aspects rather than just the price. Some of the other considerations include; durability, maintenance, weather resistance, and appearance. Wood is considered to be the industry standard. (See full guide about wood siding). Wood is rustic, decently textured and the look is eternal & attractive. However, in the longer run, the maintenance required for wood can make it extremely costly. You’ll need to perform repainting and re-staining time by time. Further maintenance includes; treating the material to prevent damage from insect plagues and extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl is usually the material of choice for siding remodeling on a budget. It’s inexpensive and courteously durable and requires less maintenance. You’ll need to choose high-quality vinyl to enjoy full protection for your home. Vinyl is artificially manufactured to look like natural materials like wood, yet some homeowners feel this material isn’t as eye-catching as the real thing. Also, see 5 Components That Influence the Cost of Vinyl Siding. Fiber cement is another amazing high-end siding material that has increasingly trending these days. It’s been specially engineered to resist environmental damage, insect invasions, mold growth, and even fires. It requires less maintenance and, unlike vinyl, can be painted over if you want a new color after a few years from now.

Well talking about materials if you are also planning to do any kind of roofing work on your home. You can read our blog about the Best 9 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Roofing Material in Cape Cod.

4. Find Siding Contractors in Cape Cod

Choosing the right contractor depends on the type of project you’re planning. For your siding remodel, go for a contractor that has expertise in all types of materials you dream to have for your exterior to work. So in case, your choice for the siding material is fiber cement, hire a contractor that knows the material inside and out.

When you get in touch with any professional contractors, it’s always a good idea to look at their portfolios. Analyze their previous projects do they seem professional, attractive, and elegant? Talk to your forthcoming contractor about your interests in terms of style. Rather than just discussing the project specs, like blueprints and material information.

5. Get Ready for Construction

Once you have the project’s final plan in hand. it’s time to prepare your home and family members for the start of the home remodel. A siding remodel is much less time-taking than an interior remodels or home addition. however, you’ll still need to get ahead that your day-to-day routine may be temporarily interrupted. The renovation process is usually dusty and loud. Additionally, you’ll have to deal with people you don’t know that well spending a lot of time at your house. Staying at your other home, friend’s home, or at a local hotel can provide the privacy and relaxation you need throughout the remodel.

Keep communicating with your contractors throughout to make sure the project stays on track. There’s always the chance for minor delays or hiccups to occur. Let’s take this for example removing the old siding exposes a problem like a mold beneath, expect it to take a bit more time as you decide what to do next.

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