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Metal Roofs Vs Rubber Roofs | What’s Best for Your Cape Cod Home

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Metal roofing has been in the market for a longer time than a rubber roofs. However, the latest rubber roofing in Cape Cod is an almost new invention on the market. Both these are becoming increasingly trending roofing materials for residential homes. Thanks to their robust durability and eco-friendliness. But what makes the two different? Is one better than the other for homes in the towns on Cape Cod? So in this article, we’ll go over a few main differences between these 2 famous roofing materials. 

Moreover, we will cover the material they’re made of and the overall aesthetics and energy efficiency they provide.

1. Material

The clearest difference between rubber roofs and metal roofs is the material. But somehow both are constructed from recycled materials and can also be recycled again and again once they’ve reached their lifespan. This makes both of these evergreen options from beginning to end. However, rubber roofs are a fairly new technology compared to metal roofs. The rubber roofing service we offer at Corey & Corey “The Roofer”  is made from about 95% recycled material. This specific roofing material was invented to lessen the number of used tires that end up in landfills. To be exact, the U.S. generated around 346 million used tires in 2021 alone.

metal roofes

When it comes to metal roofs, are usually made from zinc which makes them one of the most durable options available. Someway the metal roofing you can get in Cape Cod is constructed with different metals at more cost-effective prices. Expert metal roofing contractors also add some galvanized steel to make them stronger than industry standards. Following are the metal roofing options you can get in Cape Cod:

  1. Standing Seam Metal Roofing: Includes 24- and 26-gauge G-90 galvanized steel construction, making this 50% stronger than the industry standard. 
  2. Ironwood Metal Roofing: Includes 30-gauge G-90 galvanized steel construction, making this 50% stronger than the industry standard. 
  3. Metal Shake Roofing: Includes 26-gauge G-90 galvanized steel construction, making this 50% stronger than the industry standard. Also available in 16-oz pure copper.

In this comparison, according to us, no roofing material is better than the other. Just because rubber roofs have just arrived on the market it doesn’t make them inferior to a metal roofs. It all comes down to personal choices.

2. Durability

Rubber roofes

Your home roof is your warrior against the harsh weather. So, it should be your top priority to make sure it’s completely protected to keep your home safe and dry. Somehow, not every roofing material is created equal when we talk about durability and life span. Let’s take the ever-so-trending asphalt shingles for example, while reasonably cost-effective, they only last approx. for 25 years. They not only have a shorter lifespan, but they’re also prone to mold and algae just because of their porous nature that absorbs water. 

However when we talk about rubber roofs; they are specially made keeping durability in mind. Some of the benefits of rubber roofing in Cape Cod; it offers a tight fit to keep the rain out. You should also thank its interlocking and groove tiles. This provides resistance against splitting, cracking, and curling. This also helps in protecting moss and algae. Some of these can withstand winds up to 140 MPH and hail resistant to fire.

Likewise, durability is the main reason behind the construction of metal roofs and they are almost maintenance-free. That is why the standing seam metal roofs are made and finished with the material seams above the roof. In uplifting the seams, it allows for protecting a common weak point, which is the seam itself. Metal roofing can withstands winds up to 100-120 MPH and is rated as fireproof. They are finished in a way that creates a no-fade surface that won’t crack, split, break, or burn. 

3. Aesthetics

Your home’s roof does not only end up being durable, but it also has to look aesthetically appealing. Previously, all-metal roofs had a similar look, but at present, there are a variety of looks you can get of your choice. You can also have options that replicate the look of customary shakes and shingles such as ironwood metal roofs & metal shakes.

Similarly, Rubber roofs also offer great aesthetic choices. Rubber roofs are specially designed in a way that they can replicate the look of traditional shakes and shingles. They also come in a variety of colors to enhance the theme of your home’s look. For example, from afar, they could easily be mistaken for a traditional slate roof because it was designed to perfectly mimic the chiseled-edge slate.

4. Energy Efficient

Last but definitely not least is the difference in energy efficiency. Both roofing materials are energy efficient in their means. However, rubber roofs are incomparable when it comes to insulation, so you’ll surely save some extra bucks during the cooler months. In contrast, metal roofs can reflect solar radiation rather than absorb heat. This can help you save up to 40% on air-conditioning charges during the warmer months.

Rubber roofs and metal roofs both are rapidly trending for the residential roofing in Cape Cod. The only biggest difference between these two roofing materials is the material they’re made from. Rubber roofs are recommended best for insulating a home, while metal roofs can help lessen utility charges during the warmer months. Both roofing materials are exceptionally durable, are almost maintenance-free, and provide a good resistance from algae and mold. 

Roofing PVC membrane in rolls placed

Metal Roofing and Rubber Roofing In Cape Cod

Considering all the above-mentioned factors, it’s hard to pick the winner when it comes to metal and rubber roofs. Both of these materials can perfectly replicate the look of traditional shakes & shingles with almost no maintenance cost. However, it doesn’t matter which type of roofing you prefer. You can always rely on the expertise of Corey & Corey “The Roofers” to get the best services of roof replacement in Cape Cod. Our experts also provide the services of emergency roof repairs throughout all the towns on Cape Cod. So it will always be helpful to call a delegate and competent roofing installer like Corey & Corey in Cape Cod. Call us at 508-775-8240 and get a free quote.

Moreover, if you want a more clear understanding of what is normally important for installing a metal roof, the procedure can be risky So Read out our this article: Metal Roofing Installation: How To Do It Like An Expert?.

FaQs about Rubber Roofing

Is a rubber roof better?

Rubber roofs are much more robust and less expected to crack during hard weather conditions than asphalt roofing. They are exclusively favorable for flat or low-pitch roofs where traditional shingles find it difficult to successfully protect due to the lack of gravitational pull.

What are the advantages of rubber roofing?

One of the major advantages of rubber roofing is the lower price of purchasing and installation as compared to other available roofing options. A rubber roof is lightweight and easy to install which also reduces the labor costs and you ended up saving a considerable chunk of money. 

What are the pros and cons of rubber roofing?

The Pros of Using Rubber Roofing: It is long-lasting, low maintenance, and also looks good. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly and easy to repair in case of damage.

The Cons of Using Rubber Roofing: The installation on your roof may not be simple which can cost damage. Finding the right installer like Corey and Corey will be hard if you live outside Cape Cod. 

How long does a rubber roof last?

Rubber roofing, when installed skillfully and professionally, can last up to more than 2 decades. TPO & EPDM roof systems have similar lifetimes of 20 to 25 years almost. Whereas there is high-quality TPO roofing that is reinforced with fiberglass that can last more than that.

What are the disadvantages of a rubber roof?

Somehow, for some people, its appearance is one of the main drawbacks. Dry conditions are needed for the proper installation of the rubber paste. It is subtle which means it can be easily punctured by falling branches, or Satellites dishes which can result in leakages.

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